5 Crazy Travel Tips

We’ve all heard gotten travel advice at one time or another. Someone has probably told you to check your flight status before heading to the airport. You’ve probably been told to get travel insurance, and we think whoever told you that is a smart traveler. If you’re traveling internationally, you might have been told to leave a copy of your passport with someone at home. And of course, who hasn’t been told to pack your socks in your shoes to save space in your luggage?

We’ve got some travel tips that you’ve never heard before. Ones that are so crazy, they just might work.

1.  Feeling sea sick? Eat a green apple. Some travelers swear that eating green apples helps with nausea, and some ships even offer plates of green apples on their room service menus.

2. Put dryer sheets in your suitcase. Not only can dryer sheets help with static and prevent wrinkles, but they keep the contents of your suitcase smelling fresh and clean.

3. Request the vegetarian meal. If you’re a meat-eater, stick with us here! The vegetarian meals are typically served first on a flight and the quality of the food may be better since they’re made in smaller batches.

4. Wiggle with it! If you’re not a fan of  turbulence on flights (who is?), move your body slightly when you hit bumps. No one will notice because everyone is being moved around and the movement will counteract the turbulence and you won’t feel it as much!

5. Take advantage of the 24-Hour Concierge Services provided with your travel insurance. This one may sound like a no-brainer, but some people may not be aware of this service. You receive this benefit at no extra charge with your MH Ross travel insurance. The concierge can help with restaurant and shopping recommendations or reservations; local transport, reservations, sports, theater, and event information/ticketing; golf course referrals & tee times; and baggage tracking/assistance. It’s like having a personal assistant while on vacation!

Tell us – what’s the best travel tip you’ve received? Leave a comment below, write on our Facebook timeline or Tweet us. We look forward to hearing your tip!

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