Unconventional Ways to Save on Travel

We’ve all heard tips on how to save money while traveling. They include everything from use a travel agent to using public transportation. These are great tips to follow while traveling, but today we’re sharing six unconventional ways to save on travel.


  • Get travel insurance. This may sound counter-intuitive because you have to spend money on your premium, but trust us on this one. If one of your flights get delayed, if hurricane season strikes, a medical emergency arises or another unexpected event occurs, you won’t be responsible for the cost of an extra night at a hotel, your hospital bill or other costs associated with the covered events.


  • Suspend your cable. Most travelers focus on saving money while at their destination, but what about saving money at home? Call your cable company and talk to them about temporarily
    suspending your account while you’re away. Most cable companies require a minimum of 30 day account suspension. If you won’t be gone for 30 days, look into downgrading your package while you’re away.


  • Take a rental car to the airport. Hiring a car service or taking a taxi to the airport can cost you a pretty penny. Consider renting a rental car one-way to save money on transportation. You can pick up the car at a location near your home and drop it off on the airport. The bonus? Car rental companies usually have shuttles that take you from their facility to the airport and drop you off right at the front door. This way you’ll save money and time since you won’t have to deal with parking at the airport.


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