Hurricane Mid-Season Review

Many people only associate hurricanes with summer weather, but September marks the halfway point of hurricane season.  With over half the hurricane season behind us, it is a good time to review the storm activity since June 1st of this year and how travel insurance can help.  Here are the storms in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Oceans in 2015:


Tropical Storm Ana in May
Tropical Storm Bill in June
Tropical Storm Claudette in July
Hurricane Danny in August
Tropical Storm Erika in August
Hurricane Fred in September
Eastern Pacific
Hurricane Andres in May
Hurricane Blanca in May
Hurricane Carlos in June
Hurricane Dolores in July
Tropical Storm Enrique in July
Tropical Storm Felicia in July
Hurricane Guillermo in July
Hurricane Hilda in August
Hurricane Ignacio in August
Hurricane Jimena in August

While this seems like a high amount of storm activity, the good news is that few of these storms have made landfall.  This is in line with the prediction from NOAA of a below normal hurricane season.

We are still in hurricane season until the end of November, but this can be an economic time to travel.  According to the Orange County Register, booking during the second half of hurricane season might be worth the risk, when unaffordable destinations become affordable.

“I know, you’re shaking your head and telling me that I’m crazy, because why would you want to plunk down money on a vacation that might be ruined?

But if you buy travel insurance, you can get most or all of that money back, which is why it might be worthwhile to throw the dice.”

Hurricane Evacuation Route Sign

The best travel insurance advice when it comes to hurricanes is to purchase a policy quickly once you book the trip.  There are two important reasons for shopping early:

  1. Don’t Wait For A Storm To Form
    In order for travel insurance to cover a tropical storm or hurricane, the policy must have been purchased before the storm was named. Once the storm is named, any policy purchased after that time will not be eligible to cover that storm.  Buying travel insurance early in the travel planning helps avoid this issue.
  2. Cancel For Any Reason Makes It Your Choice
    This coverage benefit literally lets you make the choice whether to cancel the trip and recover most of your losses. MH Ross Advantage Asset and Complete plans include Cancel For Any Reason coverage if all conditions are met.  The plan must be purchased within 15 days of the initial trip deposit date, all of your trip costs must be insured, the last chance to cancel is 2 days before the trip begins, and a claim can reimburse 75% of the unused and non-refundable trip costs.

Read more about how travel insurance can help during a storm in the MH Ross Hurricane Season Guide for Travel Insurance.

Please contact MH Ross with questions or for advice.  Our agents are happy to help you 24 hours per day.

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Get Holiday Travel Insurance Before Santa Is On Store Shelves

September may feel like it is too soon to think about the holidays, but it won’t be long before stores are overrun with the sights and sounds of Christmas.  Planning your travel early is a great way to save money, but don’t forget that purchasing travel insurance early is also how to get the most value for your dollar.  MH Ross travel insurance plans provide three important reasons to purchase a policy soon after booking the trip.

Thumbtacks on a calendar

It is important to note, once a payment is made toward the trip; that is considered the trip deposit date.  If a policy is purchased within 15 days of the deposit date, and all conditions are met, additional benefits may apply, at no additional charge!

  1. Pre-Existing Conditions Can Be Covered

Pre-Existing Conditions can be covered on MH Ross Asset, Asset Plus, Bridge, and Complete plans via a Waiver of the Pre-Existing Conditions Exclusion.  To qualify for this waiver, the policy must be purchased within 15 days of the initial trip deposit date and the travelers cannot be disabled from travel at the time the policy is purchased.

Having this benefit is important not just for a medical emergency during the trip, but also extends to Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption coverage.  This means an unexpected onset of a Pre-Existing Condition can be a covered reason to cancel the whole trip or interrupt and return home early.

  1. Cancel For Any Reason Gives You The Choice

Cancel For Any Reason is a benefit available on MH Ross Asset Plus and Complete plans, and literally allows you to choose whether or not to cancel the trip.  This is different from the Trip Cancellation benefit, which requires the trip be cancelled for one of the covered reasons in the policy, for example, medical reasons discussed in number 1.

To qualify for the Cancel For Any Reason benefit, it is required the policy be purchased within 15 days of the initial trip deposit date, and 100% of all trip costs must be insured.  With this benefit, you can decide to cancel the trip at any time, up to 2 days before departure, and claim 75% of your unused and non-refundable trip cost.  Remember, if the reason for cancelling is covered by Trip Cancellation, you can claim that benefit and receive 100% reimbursement.  Only if the scenario isn’t one of the covered reasons would you claim using the Cancel For Any Reason benefit.

  1. Have A Policy Before Something Happens

This one may seem fundamental, but is often overlooked by travelers.  Once a situation occurs that will impact the trip, it is then too late to purchase a travel insurance policy to cover it.  One of the most common examples is bad weather, namely hurricanes and tropical storms.  Once a storm is named, a new policy purchased will not cover that storm.  If a policy was purchased before the storm was named, that storm can be eligible for coverage.   Another regular occurrence is an unknown medical condition of a family member.  Once it is declared a family member’s illness will cause the trip to be cancelled, it is too late to buy a policy to cover cancellation for that reason.

Regardless of when retailers decide the holiday season is here, make sure to book your holiday travel insurance soon after booking your holiday trips.  For the same price, you can better protect your vacation investments, and focus on family, friends, food, and the other blessings that accompany the holiday season.

Please contact MH Ross with any questions, our agents are available 24/7 and eager to help.

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Sewage Closes Waikiki Beach – The Value Of Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance with Trip Cancellation coverage protects your vacation from a number of unforeseen events that are out of your control.  But what happens if your need to cancel the trip isn’t listed in the covered reasons for Trip Cancellation?  This was the case for many tourists as Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach is Off Limits After 500,000 Gallon Sewage Spill, according to Alastair Jamieson of NBC News.

“Sewage poured from manholes as storm water linked to Tropical Storm Kilo overwhelmed drains, state health officials said.”

“City officials were posting warning signs and police officers and lifeguards were at the beach to warn visitors and residents about the contamination.”

Waves Crashing Against Shore

Thankfully, this is not a picture of sewage on Waikiki Beach.

This is a good example, albeit a nauseating example, of how Cancel For Any Reason coverage can be worth the price to fill in the gaps from the Trip Cancellation benefit.  That’s right, Cancel For Any Reason allows you to make the decision to cancel the trip, without having to explain the reason why.  There are several requirements for the Cancel For Any Reason benefit that are important to highlight.

Shop Early – To qualify for the Cancel For Any Reason benefit, the travel insurance must be purchased within 15 days of the initial trip deposit date.

Insure The Full Trip Cost – If you are only interested in the Trip Cancellation benefit, you can choose the dollar amount you insure as your trip cost.  However, the Cancel For Any Reason benefit requires the full trip cost to be insured.

No Last Minute Cancellation – The last chance to use the Cancel For Any Reason benefit is 2 days or more before the trip begins.  Once the trip is less than two days away, the Cancel For Any Reason benefit no longer applies.

Less Than A Full Refund – The Cancel For Any Reason benefit reimburses 75% of the unused, non-refundable, pre-paid trip costs.

Please remember, a policy with the Cancel For Any Reason benefit will also include the Trip Cancellation benefit.  While a beach closing isn’t a covered reason for Trip Cancellation, plans can include reasons like mandatory evacuations or accommodations made uninhabitable.   In any situation, you are able to file a claim under the coverage benefit that works the most in your favor.

Please contact MH Ross with any questions.  Our agents are available 24/7 and happy to help!

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Top 10 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

You’ve heard about travel insurance from a travel agent, on the news or from a fellow world traveler, but the real question is whether or not you need it.  Like most insurance, the answer is a question of risk and your tolerance for taking risks.  However, with travel insurance, many vacationers aren’t aware of what may be at risk and the solutions available to protect them.  MH Ross compiled this list of top 10 reasons you need travel insurance to help travelers make a more informed decision for themselves.

  1. Your Belongings Are Important

Think about the last time you packed a suitcase for a flight, what was the total value of those items?  Once checked in for the flight, your belongings are entrusted to the care of the airline.  Everybody hopes to meet their luggage at the destination, but this doesn’t always come to fruition.

Travel insurance includes two coverage benefits that can help with luggage fiascos.  In the short term, someone without their luggage will need a change of clothes, toiletries and other essentials.  The Baggage Delay benefit can reimburse for these necessary items if your bags are delayed by the airline or other common carrier by at least 12 hours.

For luggage that is permanently lost, damaged or stolen, the Baggage and Personal Effects coverage can help.  Similar to a homeowners or renters insurance claim, this can reimburse the actual cash value of those items, up to the limits in the plan.

  1. You Are Called In To Work

One of the first steps in travel planning is making sure the scheduled dates are approved by your employer.  However, work emergencies can happen, and even the most cautious planners could have this backfire.  MH Ross plans can cover Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption if your employer revokes previously approved time off and is requiring you to work.

  1. Flight Delays Are Too Common

You will be hard pressed to find a frequent traveler who has never experienced a flight delay.  Sometimes, the delay is short and a little extra anxiety is the only outcome.  Other times, delays can be excruciating, resulting in unplanned expenses and causing a domino effect on your itinerary.  MH Ross travel insurance plans can help travelers in this type of situation with the Travel Delay benefit.  If the airline delays your flight more than 6 hours, you can be reimbursed for food and lodging, as well as additional transportation costs.

Flight departures cancelled

  1. Small Costs Add Up

A single flight delay may not seem like enough to significantly impact your trip, but the totality of expenses and non-refundable payments could be more than you realize.  The best case scenario is that you wait longer than expected in an airport, ultimately making it to the destination unfazed.  The opposite end of that spectrum could include a variety of expenses.  There could be multiple meals and hotel expenses in a city you had not planned to stay.  A longer delay could mean a missing a connecting flight or a cruise ship departing without you.  In addition to extra expenses to reach the destination, it is possible that you’ve missed the first day or several days of the original trip, and won’t get a refund.  MH Ross plans offer Trip Interruption, Trip Delay and Missed Connection coverage benefits to help recoup these types of unplanned expenses and prepaid costs that are not refunded.

  1. Hurricane Season

It happens every year, for much of the year and during prime vacation months.  Hurricanes are unpredictable; planning months ahead means you won’t know if there will be a storm, and if a storm is forming as the departure date approaches, you cannot be sure of the path it will take.  MH Ross plans include multiple covered reasons for Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption that can apply to hurricanes: mandatory evacuations, flight delays, damaged accommodations, and hurricane warnings.  To learn more, please review the Hurricane Season Guide For Travel Insurance.  For those who rank hurricanes high on their list of concerns, consider Cancel For Any Reason coverage, which is explained in number 5.

  1. You Decide To Cancel

This one may sound strange, but you could just change your mind about the trip and have a travel insurance claim paid.  The one coverage benefit that allows you to make this choice without having to explain why is called Cancel For Any Reason.  There are requirements to qualify for this coverage: the plan must be purchased within 15 days of the initial trip deposit date, the full trip cost must be insured, and the last chance to cancel the trip is 2 days before departure.  If these requirements are met, you can make this decision yourself and still be reimbursed 75% of your trip cost.

  1. The Relative You Didn’t Know Was Sick

Sickness, injury or death of a family member is one of the most commonly claimed reasons for Trip Cancellation.  Many people will consider the health of aging parents or grandparents when planning a trip, but MH Ross travel insurance plans cover more family than that.  Family also includes Aunts, Uncles, In-Laws, Step Children, Foster Children, Domestic Partners and more, even if they are not traveling with you.  Travel insurance can reimburse your pre-paid and non-refundable expenses if you cancel or interrupt for this reason, as well as other reasons discussed in number 3.

  1. Your Trip Is Non-Refundable

You made an investment by booking your vacation.  What would happen if you couldn’t go?  Often, travelers make the mistake of assuming the airline or cruise line will refund their money if there is a valid reason they cannot take the trip.  Sadly, more often than not, travel suppliers will abide by their strict cancellation penalties, leaving the traveler with no money back and no vacation.  Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption coverage in travel insurance can reimburse the pre-paid and non-refundable expenses if the trip is cancelled for a covered reason.  These can include medical reasons, weather delays, terrorist attacks and financial default of a travel supplier, among other reasons.  If your concerns don’t fit into the covered reasons, consider Cancel For Any Reason coverage discussed in number 5.  Please refer to the plan documents for details, or contact MH Ross to discuss your specific needs.

  1. An Evacuation Could Bankrupt You

Medical emergencies take the top 2 spots on this list, and these are particularly true for international travelers.  All MH Ross travel insurance plans include Medical Evacuation coverage.  This benefit can cover the costs of medical transportation to a facility to receive treatment, to a different facility for specialized treatment or back to your home hospital if medically necessary.  The cost for emergency medical transportation is often multiple thousands of dollars and this service is rarely covered by traditional health insurance plans.  Without travel insurance or other adequate coverage, this type of unexpected and large expense could leave travelers in a difficult financial situation.

Medical Evacuation Helicopter

  1. The Trip Is “Out of Network” For Your Health Insurance

Emergency Medical coverage during the trip is the number 1 reason to consider travel insurance, and should also be travelers’ number 1 item to check their own health insurance while in the planning stages of a trip.  If your health insurance adequately covers you during the trip, you may consider a travel insurance plan with low medical limits to save money, while still protecting against delays and cancellations discussed in this list.  However, if you know there is zero coverage or large out of network costs to use your health insurance during the trip, a higher Emergency Medical limit on your travel insurance plan is more valuable.  MH Ross travel insurance plans can make up for gaps in traditional health insurance, including reimbursing you for deductibles and co-payments.  With Emergency Medical Coverage, travelers should also consider whether they are concerned with any Pre-Existing Conditions.  If so, this is another reason to shop for travel insurance early, as all MH Ross plans offer a Waiver of the Pre-Existing Conditions Exclusion if the plan is purchased within 15 days of the initial trip deposit date.

Please contact MH Ross to discuss your travel insurance needs.  Agents are happy to answer your questions 24 hours a day.

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Plan for Slower Lines at Airport Security

Man Checking Flight Times

Travel insurance can cover many situations leading to a missed flight, but a long line at the airport isn’t a covered reason for Trip Delay or Missed Connection coverage to apply.  Frequent travelers know to arrive at the airport with plenty of time for check in, security and getting to the gate.  ‘Plenty of time’ has often meant at least one hour before a scheduled domestic flight and 2-3 hours before a scheduled international flight.  However, this summer TSA has received increased scrutiny from the press and U.S. Government.  Being under the microscope means TSA agents have to be more thorough performing their duties, predictably slowing down the airport security process for many travelers.

In June, reports leaked that TSA missed an overwhelming number of illegal items passing through security.  Tom Costello and M. Alex Johnson wrote for NBC News about the TSA failing airport breach tests.

“In all, so-called “Red Teams” of Homeland Security agents posing as passengers were able get weapons past TSA agents in 67 out of 70 tests — a 95 percent failure rate, according to agency officials.”

This type of news can be alarming for travelers concerned about the safety of flying.  Such an large incidence of weapons getting past the TSA raises serious questions.  However, the TSA’s issues didn’t stop with this performance test.

Shortly after the report on the breach tests, Bart Jansen wrote for USA Today that the TSA didn’t identify employees with potential ties to terrorist organizations.

“The inspector general found 73 workers linked to terrorism through TIDE that TSA didn’t identify because those names weren’t flagged in the department’s watch list.”

Again, this is not a confidence builder for anyone nervous about flying.  Safety should be everyone’s top priority at the TSA, and failing breach tests combined with lapses in screening is concerning.

The TSA took action to resolve their issues, starting at the top with a new TSA Chairman, Coast Guard Vice Adm. Peter Neffenger.  The new TSA Chief vows to improve the 96% failure rate, as Harriet Baskas reported for NBC News.

“The nature of those failures have been carefully studied, Neffenger told the panel, underscoring an immediate need to “train out those failures.”

“That task, he said, would be completed by the end of September.”

Beyond the safety implications with these recent reports, travelers should also consider how this may impact their next trip.  With this much attention is being paid to the TSA missing contraband during inspections, the most logical way to improve performance is by taking more time to inspect with care.  That time will come at the expense of travelers, so plan accordingly for your next trip.  Don’t let longer and slower lines at security lead to a missed connection, because a slow security checkpoint isn’t covered by travel insurance.  Budget some additional time to make sure you get to the gate before it is too late.



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American Couple in Nepal Learns the Value of Travel Insurance

Flying Helicopter Medical Evacuation

The earthquake in Nepal this April was devastating, and sad stories continue to surface.  For an American couple traveling in Nepal, their story has a happy ending, but not without adversity.  They did not have travel insurance for their trip.  During the five days they were stranded, they watched multiple helicopters evacuate people with travel insurance, while the couple waited until the U.S. Special Forces arrived for them.  Chris Pleasance wrote about the couple’s experience for

“‘There were a lot of tears and frustration during the hours after they left. I couldn’t believe they would just leave us there.’

Over the next two days, another four helicopters landed, this time taking groups of Israeli travelers away. It was then that Miss Hoffman learned they were being sent by private companies.

She added: ‘Eventually one pilot agreed to take the man with the broken arm, but the rest of us were just left behind.’

It was only after five days that a group of U.S. Special Forces, who had been in Nepal for high altitude training, were able to get to the group and take Miss Hoffman and her boyfriend away.”

It is difficult to imagine what this couple experienced, but knowing they arrived home safely is a comforting thought.  Their story reminds all travelers how important having travel insurance can be.  There is value in being able to contact a 24/7 emergency assistance number from anywhere in the world and knowing your evacuation is being coordinated.  It is a blessing that the U.S. Special Forces were available in Nepal, but world travelers should not expect that to always be the case.

Upcoming Trips to Nepal

The economy of Nepal is heavily dependent on tourism.  In the wake of this natural disaster, tourism in Nepal is more important than ever.  For those with upcoming trips to Nepal, consider keeping your plans, but adjusting your expectations.  The Asian nation could greatly benefit from a resurgent tourism industry over the next months.

Trip Mate is a proud sponsor of Tourism Cares, a non-profit organization dedicated to philanthropy through travel.  The Tourism Cares Nepal Recovery Fund was established to assist in the long term economic recovery of Nepal.  The first year of recovery will be critical for their tourism industry.

Some travelers will prefer to cancel their trip to Nepal.  The standard Trip Cancellation benefit offers some coverage for natural disasters, such as the accommodations made uninhabitable.  However, someone concerned their vacation wouldn’t be as enjoyable now would need a policy with Cancel For Any Reason coverage.  This allows a traveler to choose whether to cancel the trip without having to explain the reason why.

Please contact MH Ross with any questions. Agents are available 24/7 and are happy to help.

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Hurricane Season Guide for Travel Insurance

Hurricane near Florida

Hurricane season is upon us, officially spanning from June 1st – November 30th, and vacationers are wise to factor this into their travel plans.  Researching the destination and weather projections are good ideas, but the unpredictability of storms makes travel insurance a must-have for summer travel.  While many travel insurance plans are similar, they are not all the same.  To find a travel insurance policy that may fit your needs, review the most important coverage benefits for hurricane season, and consider what specific scenarios are the highest priority for you to have covered.

When shopping for hurricane travel insurance, look for the following coverage benefits:

  • Trip Cancellation / Trip Interruption: Cancellation is before the trip begins and interruption is once you’ve already departed. These can reimburse the unused expenses of the trip that were pre-paid and not refunded.  Trip Interruption can also reimburse additional transportation costs to return home earlier than planned.  Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption have a list of covered reasons; one of these would have to happen in order for coverage apply.  The covered reasons involving hurricanes are addressed in the common scenarios below.
  • Missed Connection: If your common carrier is delayed for 3 hours, this benefit can reimburse additional transportation expenses to catch up to the trip, meal and accommodation expenses during the delay, and the unused non-refundable trip payments that were pre-paid. A common carrier can include flights, trains, buses and cruise ships.
  • Trip Delay: If your common carrier is delayed for 6 hours, this benefit can reimburse for meals and lodging during the delay.
  • Cancel For Any Reason: This is the catch-all category that allows you to cancel the trip without explaining why and still be reimbursed 75% of the trip cost.  There are some requirements for this coverage benefit.  To qualify, the policy must be purchased within 15 days of the initial trip deposit date and 100% of the trip cost must be insured.  To use the coverage, the trip must be canceled at least 2 days before the trip begins.

Though it seems some of these coverage benefits overlap, in any situation you would claim whichever categories worked the most in your favor.  Consider these commonly asked about scenarios for hurricane season:

  • Flight delay: Depending on the duration of the delay, multiple coverages could apply. Missed Connection requires a 3 hour delay, Trip Delay requires a 6 hour delay, and Trip Cancellation / Trip Interruption require a 12 hour delay.  Depending on the scenario, one could claim a meal expense after the 3rd hour under Missed Connection, another meal with hotel after the 6th hour using Trip Delay, and ultimately cut the trip short after the 12th hour of the delay under Trip Interruption.
  • Hurricane warning: A hurricane warning for the destination from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) can be a covered reason for Trip Cancellation / Trip Interruption. For this coverage to apply, the policy would need to be purchased at least 14 days prior to the warning, and the warning must be issued within 24 hours of the trip departure date.
  • Mandatory evacuation: Local authorities at the destination issuing a mandatory evacuation can be a covered reason for Trip Cancellation / Trip Interruption, depending on how much of the trip remains at the end of the evacuation. When the evacuation order is lifted, if there is less than half of the trip reimagining, or 4 days or less remaining, whichever works in your favor, then coverage can apply.  If there is more than half and more than 4 days remaining on the trip, the evacuation is not covered by the standard Trip Cancellation / Trip Interruption benefit.
  • Road closings: For those driving to the destination, a severe storm causing a route closing can result in unplanned expenses. Trip Delay can reimburse for a hotel and food if there is a road closing verified by the National Weather Service and Department of Transportation.
  • Damage at the destination: Trip Cancellation / Trip Interruption Coverage can reimburse you if the accommodations where you are booked to stay are rendered uninhabitable. It is important to note that this is specific to the lodging and doesn’t necessarily include damage to the general area.  In order to cancel because some businesses aren’t open, beach erosion, or general loss of enjoyment, please make sure to select a policy with Cancel For Any Reason coverage.
  • Don’t want to risk it: Most travel insurance coverage requires that storm impact your trip for benefits to apply. However, many travelers who see a storm’s projected path will want to cancel regardless if flights are delayed or if the storm makes landfall.  The only way to cover cancelling the trip because of fear or choice is a policy with Cancel For Any Reason  This lets travelers decide that they don’t want to risk it and still recoup some of their trip expenses

It is important to note, a travel insurance plan must be effective before a storm is named in order for coverage to be available for that storm.

The best way to plan a trip during hurricane season is to understand the possible risks and how you can be covered.  There are many common situations covered by the standard travel insurance benefits, but these do not cover fear of what a storm may do, or choosing not to risk it.  The only way for travelers to have control over the decision of whether to travel or cancel is a policy with Cancel For Any Reason coverage.

MH Ross agents are happy to discuss your specific needs and answer all of your questions over the phone, 24 hours per day.  Please contact us to learn more about hurricane coverage in travel insurance to help protect your summer vacation.


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Travelers’ Luck is a Dud, Plane Stuck in the Mud

Frequent fliers are familiar with a variety of airline delays:  crews missing flights, mechanical issues, bad weather, etc.  Travel insurance is a staple for savvy travelers used to these types of common carrier issues.  However, not many travelers are expecting a flight delay because their plane got stuck in the mud.

That is exactly what happened to American Airlines passengers in Missouri this week.  Donald Wood on Travel Pulse wrote about flight cancellations after a plane got stuck.

“While all passengers and crew members were able to leave the stranded plane without any injuries, the proximity of the aircraft to the main runway was close enough to warrant flight cancellations through Tuesday morning.”

Delayed Flights

This type of unusual delay is a shining example of how travel insurance can help protect against the unexpected.  Travel Delay coverage can reimburse for a hotel and food during a delay.  If the delay has a domino effect on connecting flights, Missed Connection coverage can reimburse additional transportation costs to catch up to the trip as well as unused land and water arrangements that aren’t refunded.  Each plan will require the delay last for set number of hours for coverage to apply, and will have a dollar limit of coverage.  Always refer to your specific plan certificate for coverage details.

Coverage language for these benefits is usually very broad to include all common carrier caused delays, even when the airline proves to be… eh em… “a stick in the mud.”

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Sometimes Travel Insurance Is Mandatory

Holding a suitcase by the handle.

Travel insurance is something many travelers consider, whether working with an agent or booking a trip on their own.  Often, this is a choice and not a requirement.  However, as Peter Greenberg wrote on, there are some countries that require medical travel insurance:

“Medical coverage when you travel is one of those things you don’t miss until you absolutely need it. But sometimes, it’s not just a good idea…it’s actually mandatory.”

“If you’re applying for a visa to Russia, you may be asked to supply proof of medical travel insurance that’s valid in that country.”

Having travel medical insurance when traveling abroad is a sound idea anyway, as many domestic health insurance plans don’t cover internationally. MH Ross travel insurance plans include emergency medical coverage that can pick up expenses not covered by their health insurance, including deductibles and copayments.  Medical evacuation coverage is also included, something that is often omitted from traditional health insurance plans.

Make sure to research your destination thoroughly before making a decision.  If a destination requires tourists to have medical coverage, there is usually a specified amount of coverage required.  Knowing what is required will help you find the best value for travel insurance.

Our agents are happy to help find the right travel insurance plan for you, 24 hours a day.  Please call us at 800-423-3632 for assistance with a quote, or with any questions.

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How To Pack and Protect Your Electronics

How to Pack Your Electronics |

Electronics are essential items to add to your packing list. From laptops to tablets and everything in between, these items keep you entertained and help you capture extraordinary moments during your travels. Here’s how you should pack each of your valuable electronics and an extra tip on how travel insurance can help:

Laptops are great for blogging, keeping in touch with friends and family back home, entertainment, and organizing your travels. To make sure your laptop is protected, keep it in a case inside your carry-on. We love these Case Logic sleeves, which make it easy to transfer your laptop between bags. If you’re traveling with small children, consider getting a diaper bag which doubles as a messenger bag – like this one from Timbuk2.

If a laptop would weigh you down too much, a tablet is a good alternative. Tablets serve as a more compact way to access the Internet, keep you entertained, and keep in touch with friends and family. Make sure your tablet is in a case too. OtterBox has covers for both Kindles and iPads that stand up so you can watch movies or read easily.

Chargers are a necessity when it comes to electronics, but their cords can get easily tangled in your luggage. You can avoid this annoyance by keeping your chargers and small electronics in a small pouch. If you wrap these gear ties around each charger, you’re sure to stay tangle-free. Portable battery chargers are also helpful while traveling, and you won’t have to worry about tangled cords.

Whether you’re packing a sophisticated DSLR camera or a point and shoot, it’s important to keep your camera protected. This Lowepro camera bag provides good protection and won’t take up too much space in your luggage. Also make sure to include a lens cloth so you can clean off any dirt or grime your camera collects during your travels.

Added Protection
Travel insurance can provide coverage to protect you and your electronics against theft, baggage delay and other unforeseeable mishaps. Consider including the optional Extended Personal Property Pac, which provides coverage up to $1,000 after a $100 deductible for personal computer and cell phones.

Do you have helpful tips for traveling with electronics? Sound off below with your advice.

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