Travel Insurance Benefits Business Travelers

Looking to earn some brownie points with your boss? Or are you a business owner looking to reduce your company’s costs? Include travel insurance in your travel plans to protect you and your co-workers’ upcoming business trips.

An increasing number of business travelers are using travel insurance to reduce their costs and minimize the risk of last-minute changes to travel plans. Whether it’s two or twenty employees are traveling, we have a plan that will meet your needs and offer the protection you need.

In fact, we’re sharing situations where travel insurance could save the day:

  • Baggage and personal items coverage: If you travel or send your employees off with projectors, a camera or other equipment, travel insurance offers protection against theft or lost in transit.
  • Air travel: Businesses usually book non-refundable tickets to get the best fare. While this great for the bottom line, corporate travel plans often have to change due to business demands, inclement weather or unforeseen emergencies. For a minimal investment in travel insurance, you can be protected against these scenarios. In fact, travel insurance provides covers flight delays, cancellations, missed connections and other problems that can occur while traveling by plane.
  • Cancel for any reason: What if your client cancels the out-of-town meeting at the last second or you decide attending the conference next week is not necessary? The prepaid costs for plane tickets, hotel accommodations or other prepaid travel costs can be covered with travel insurance. Although there are several covered reasons for Trip Cancellation, not every possible reason is covered. Cancel For Any Reason provides the traveler freedom to cancel a trip for any reason whatsoever and be reimbursed for a percentage of the cancellation penalty amount (such as 75% or 80%). Of course, if a trip is canceled for a covered reason, then reimbursement would be 100% of the cancellation penalty amount.

So remember, when booking business travel, include travel insurance. It is a smart investment so that your company can take advantage of the protection it provides against illness, change in travel planes, and other unforeseen occurrences.

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