6 Signs You Know It’s Time for a Vacation

Is it vacation time yet? America is ranked as the the 5th most workaholic country in the world, where only 57% of us take all our vacation time. Here are 5 more signs it may be time for you to take a vacations:

1. You’re over seeing cold weather on the forecast.

2. You realize every dream you have includes a beach.

3. Your bags are packed just in case.

4. This is what you look like at work.

5. This is how you feel when you get off work.

6. All your free time is spent dreaming of your next vacation destination.

Do all signs point to you being ready for a vacation? We’d be happy to help protect your next vacation. Leave a comment below, write on our Facebook page, Tweet us or call us at 800-423-3632. We can’t wait to hear about your next vacation!

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