Hotel Innovations You Need to Know About

Raise your hand if you’ve shared a photo on Facebook, sent an email, rated a restaurant on Yelp, or checked in on Foursquare while on vacation. Chances are you have at least one hand in the air. These platforms have revolutionized the way both satisfied and unsatisfied customers share their experience, and it is more important than ever for hotels to enhance the guest experience. Here are a few hotel innovations you need to know about before embarking on your next vacation:

Your smartphone may soon become your key card. You already use your smartphone as a boarding pass, and at select Starwood hotels, you can use your smartphone as your hotel room key. The best news is you can bypass the front desk with this option. Simply use the mobile app to check into your hotel room. After checking in, you’ll receive a text message with your room number and gain access to your virtual key.

Free Wi-Fi will spread. Travelers, rejoice! As Wi-Fi becomes more widely used, it’s expected to be free. In fact, a recent SmartBrief Media Services survery notes 57 percent of travelers will not stay at a hotel if it doesn’t offer free Wi-Fi.

Hotel decor will get even better. The decision to book a hotel room is often based on photos you’ve seen online or recommendations you’ve received from a friend or travel agent. To ride this wave, hotels are making their properties more visually appealing so you’ll want to snap a photo and share it with your friends online.

The hotel’s concierge will fit in your pocket. The Radisson iConcierge app launched in April and is already making life easier for Radisson hotel guests.  The app provides the luxury of a personal concierge in your smartphone. The app allows you to access hotel services, stream live music, create customer service requests, check your flight status, among many other useful features.  It’s free and available on iOS and Android.

So tell us, what hotel innovation do you think will make a splash this year? Leave a comment below with your prediction.


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