5 Tips for Flying with a Laptop or Tablet


Whether we’re traveling for business or pleasure, most of us can’t dream of taking a trip without our computer or tablet. How else would we check our email, prepare that deck for our business meeting or see what our friends are up to on Facebook? Follow these tips to make sure your device is safe while flying:

  • Place your laptop in a separate bin when going through airport security. This is required by the TSA, but will also save your laptop or device from being damaged by other items. Follow these additional tips to breeze through airport security.
  • Charge, charge, charge. Make sure you have a full battery before taking off. You never know when you’ll find an electrical outlet next. If your computer can accommodate a spare battery, be sure to have one with you.
  • Keep an eye on them. Electronics are often stolen. If you leave your seat to walk around or use the lavatory, be sure put your laptop or tablet in a protective case and place it inside your briefcase. It is much less likely to be stolen if it is packed away.
  • Ask about on-board use. Each airline has different rules about using your device in-flight. Make sure to ask a flight attendant before taking out your laptop and hitting that power button.
  • Carry it on. Travelers are allowed one carry-on plus one personal item. That means you can bring your carry-on luggage and your laptop bag on the plane with you. Don’t forget to make sure your bags meet the size requirements set by your airline, too.
  • Label your laptop. The TSA recommends placing identification tags with your name, address and phone number on all of your baggage, including your laptop computer to avoid loss or confusion between your item and another passenger’s item.

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