American Couple in Nepal Learns the Value of Travel Insurance

The earthquake in Nepal this April was devastating, and sad stories continue to surface.  For an American couple traveling in Nepal, their story has a happy ending, but not without adversity.  They did not have travel insurance for their trip.  During the five days they were stranded, they watched multiple helicopters evacuate people with travel Continue

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Hurricane Season Guide for Travel Insurance

Hurricane season is upon us, officially spanning from June 1st – November 30th, and vacationers are wise to factor this into their travel plans.  Researching the destination and weather projections are good ideas, but the unpredictability of storms makes travel insurance a must-have for summer travel.  While many travel insurance plans are similar, they are Continue

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Travelers’ Luck is a Dud, Plane Stuck in the Mud

Frequent fliers are familiar with a variety of airline delays:  crews missing flights, mechanical issues, bad weather, etc.  Travel insurance is a staple for savvy travelers used to these types of common carrier issues.  However, not many travelers are expecting a flight delay because their plane got stuck in the mud. That is exactly what Continue

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Sometimes Travel Insurance Is Mandatory

Travel insurance is something many travelers consider, whether working with an agent or booking a trip on their own.  Often, this is a choice and not a requirement.  However, as Peter Greenberg wrote on, there are some countries that require medical travel insurance: “Medical coverage when you travel is one of those things you Continue

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How To Pack and Protect Your Electronics

Electronics are essential items to add to your packing list. From laptops to tablets and everything in between, these items keep you entertained and help you capture extraordinary moments during your travels. Here’s how you should pack each of your valuable electronics and an extra tip on how travel insurance can help: Laptop Laptops are Continue

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Tourism in Nepal More Important Than Ever

The earthquake in Nepal has been devastating.  Loss of life and property has been extreme, and the situation is ongoing. Relief and aid during such an emergency is critical.  Those traveling and in need of help should contact their travel insurance 24 hour emergency assistance number.  Emergency assistance can help coordinate evacuations, medical treatment, and Continue

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Bothered by a Bevy of Baggage Blunders

Travelers through Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport had their patience tested this week.  Bad weather in the region caused many flights to be delayed, diverted, or cancelled.  Travel insurance can help alleviate some of the stress and financial impact accompanied by these types of situations, but as Bill Spencer wrote for in Houston, fliers were Continue

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Statement About the Earthquake in Nepal

A massive earthquake occurred in Nepal on Saturday, April 26th 2015, leaving thousands dead and more injured. Anyone currently traveling and in need of assistance should call the 24 hour emergency assistance number at 603-894-4710.  This is a collect call from anywhere in the world and available at all times. This earthquake can be covered Continue

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Flyers’ Frustrations Fester from Failures Fulfilling Flights

The excitement of taking a vacation can be dampened by a bad experience with your airline.  Many travelers dread the possibility of delayed flights, missed connections, and an unplanned overnight stay at the airport.  Worse, your bags may be enjoying the sun at your tropical destination even though you are still waiting at the gate.  Continue

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Considering Travel Insurance? Consult a U.S. Passport

Changes to health care laws are having a large impact on domestic health insurance, but there are deeper implications for international travelers.  When planning a trip abroad, it is important to know whether your current health insurance will cover you during the trip in order to determine how much travel insurance coverage is appropriate.  This Continue

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