Hurricane Mid-Season Review

Many people only associate hurricanes with summer weather, but September marks the halfway point of hurricane season.  With over half the hurricane season behind us, it is a good time to review the storm activity since June 1st of this year and how travel insurance can help.  Here are the storms in the Atlantic and Continue

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Get Holiday Travel Insurance Before Santa Is On Store Shelves

September may feel like it is too soon to think about the holidays, but it won’t be long before stores are overrun with the sights and sounds of Christmas.  Planning your travel early is a great way to save money, but don’t forget that purchasing travel insurance early is also how to get the most Continue

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Sewage Closes Waikiki Beach – The Value Of Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance with Trip Cancellation coverage protects your vacation from a number of unforeseen events that are out of your control.  But what happens if your need to cancel the trip isn’t listed in the covered reasons for Trip Cancellation?  This was the case for many tourists as Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach is Off Limits After Continue

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Top 10 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

You’ve heard about travel insurance from a travel agent, on the news or from a fellow world traveler, but the real question is whether or not you need it.  Like most insurance, the answer is a question of risk and your tolerance for taking risks.  However, with travel insurance, many vacationers aren’t aware of what Continue

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Plan for Slower Lines at Airport Security

Travel insurance can cover many situations leading to a missed flight, but a long line at the airport isn’t a covered reason for Trip Delay or Missed Connection coverage to apply.  Frequent travelers know to arrive at the airport with plenty of time for check in, security and getting to the gate.  ‘Plenty of time’ Continue

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American Couple in Nepal Learns the Value of Travel Insurance

The earthquake in Nepal this April was devastating, and sad stories continue to surface.  For an American couple traveling in Nepal, their story has a happy ending, but not without adversity.  They did not have travel insurance for their trip.  During the five days they were stranded, they watched multiple helicopters evacuate people with travel Continue

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Hurricane Season Guide for Travel Insurance

Hurricane season is upon us, officially spanning from June 1st – November 30th, and vacationers are wise to factor this into their travel plans.  Researching the destination and weather projections are good ideas, but the unpredictability of storms makes travel insurance a must-have for summer travel.  While many travel insurance plans are similar, they are Continue

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Travelers’ Luck is a Dud, Plane Stuck in the Mud

Frequent fliers are familiar with a variety of airline delays:  crews missing flights, mechanical issues, bad weather, etc.  Travel insurance is a staple for savvy travelers used to these types of common carrier issues.  However, not many travelers are expecting a flight delay because their plane got stuck in the mud. That is exactly what Continue

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Sometimes Travel Insurance Is Mandatory

Travel insurance is something many travelers consider, whether working with an agent or booking a trip on their own.  Often, this is a choice and not a requirement.  However, as Peter Greenberg wrote on, there are some countries that require medical travel insurance: “Medical coverage when you travel is one of those things you Continue

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How To Pack and Protect Your Electronics

Electronics are essential items to add to your packing list. From laptops to tablets and everything in between, these items keep you entertained and help you capture extraordinary moments during your travels. Here’s how you should pack each of your valuable electronics and an extra tip on how travel insurance can help: Laptop Laptops are Continue

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