Ebola Outbreak: Travel Insurance Can Help

Ebola virus continues to make headlines. It’s important to understand the risks and know how travel insurance can help protect you, your vacation plans and investment in your vacation. If you or your travel partner contract the Ebola virus before or during your travel, and you meet the policy requirements for canceling or interrupting your Continue

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Does Travel Insurance Cover Hurricanes?

We are in the midst of Hurricane Season with Pacific and Atlantic Hurricane Season both officially coming to an end on November 30.  If you’re planning a vacation and are interested in having travel insurance protection, there are a few things you need to be aware of first: Travel insurance provides coverage if there is Continue

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What is Medical Evacuation Coverage?

Medical evacuation is a topic that is often overlooked when purchasing travel insurance because most of us assume “it won’t happen to me”. However, each year thousands of people of all ages traveling abroad have an emergency that requires a medical evacuation. You must ask yourselves these important questions: What if you had a sudden Continue

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Fall Into Travel With These 5 Tips

The summer is coming to an end, the school semester is starting, and that can only mean one thing – fall is just around the corner. Here are 5 tips that can help make your fall vacation a success: 1. Keep an eye on the weather. Check dependable sources like The Weather Channel or the Continue

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TRAVEL QUIZ: What U.S. city should you travel to?

Are you having trouble deciding where you should take your next vacation? Take this quiz to find out what U.S. city you should travel to. Ready? Let’s go! 1.  Your idea of an ideal day when traveling is… A.  A spa day filled with pampering and relaxation. B.  Filled with adventure – hiking and caving, Continue

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5 Up-and-Coming Honeymoon Destinations

Are you planning a honeymoon for 2015? Check out this list of 5 up-and-coming honeymoon destinations that are sure to make your honeymoon one to remember: Maldives | Get ready for a long flight, but this nation of 1,190 coral islands is home to some of the world’s best retreats so you can slip into Continue

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5 Tips for Flying with a Laptop or Tablet

  Whether we’re traveling for business or pleasure, most of us can’t dream of taking a trip without our computer or tablet. How else would we check our email, prepare that deck for our business meeting or see what our friends are up to on Facebook? Follow these tips to make sure your device is Continue

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Unconventional Ways to Save on Travel

We’ve all heard tips on how to save money while traveling. They include everything from use a travel agent to using public transportation. These are great tips to follow while traveling, but today we’re sharing six unconventional ways to save on travel. Stand on the plane. CNN reported RyanAir floated the idea of adding “standing Continue

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Make Your Beach Vacation a Success

Summer is here and that means it’s time for beach vacation! So throw your shorts and flip flops in your bag, read these tips, and soak up the sun. Bring an extra bag to store your beach gear. It will come in handy to store those swimsuits, flip flops and any other beach gear in Continue

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International Travel Tips

Between the packing and planning, traveling abroad can be stressful for travelers and travel agents alike. Our goal is to make sure your vacations are not only protected by travel insurance, but also enjoyable and stress-free. To do just that, we’ve put together the top tips for international travel: Wear closed-toe shoes whenever possible. The Continue

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