How To Plan The Perfect Honeymoon

You’ve booked your caterer and florist, but what about plane tickets? One of the highlights of wedding planning is the honeymoon. It’s a chance to get away and celebrate with your new spouse. Whether you’re planning a getaway to dig your toes into the sand or tour museums and ancient ruins to learn about a Continue

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Fall Into Travel With These 5 Tips

The summer is coming to an end, the school semester is starting, and that can only mean one thing – fall is just around the corner. Here are 5 tips that can help make your fall vacation a success: 1. Keep an eye on the weather. Check dependable sources like The Weather Channel or the Continue

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5 Tips for Flying with a Laptop or Tablet

  Whether we’re traveling for business or pleasure, most of us can’t dream of taking a trip without our computer or tablet. How else would we check our email, prepare that deck for our business meeting or see what our friends are up to on Facebook? Follow these tips to make sure your device is Continue

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Be Prepared with Travel Insurance

In honor of National Hurricane Preparedness Week, we’re highlighting the importance of travel insurance and how it can provide protection when your vacation is affected by severe weather. Running from May 25 through May 31, National Hurricane Preparedness Week highlights the importance of being prepared for the bad weather hurricanes can bring – especially during Continue

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Hotel Innovations You Need to Know About

Raise your hand if you’ve shared a photo on Facebook, sent an email, rated a restaurant on Yelp, or checked in on Foursquare while on vacation. Chances are you have at least one hand in the air. These platforms have revolutionized the way both satisfied and unsatisfied customers share their experience, and it is more Continue

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9 Reasons Adventure Travel is Good for You

Adventure travel tests your limits and leaves you with amazing memories. It gets your hands dirty, but cleans out your soul. An increased number of travelers are tackling an adventurous vacation by climbing a mountain, caving or even skydiving. Read on to find out why this travel trend is good for you. And don’t forget Continue

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How to Plan a Memorable Group Trip

We recently chatted with a group of 30 friends planning a European vacation. Planning a vacation for two is lot of work, but planning one for 30? That’s a whole new ballgame, and their questions got us thinking, what’s the best advice we could give for planning group travel? Communicate. If you can, get everyone Continue

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Travel Insurance Benefits Business Travelers

Looking to earn some brownie points with your boss? Or are you a business owner looking to reduce your company’s costs? Include travel insurance in your travel plans to protect you and your co-workers’ upcoming business trips. An increasing number of business travelers are using travel insurance to reduce their costs and minimize the risk Continue

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Making Travel Easier for Your Family

What’s better than family travel? Family vacations create lifelong memories with your loved ones. Whether it is a trip to an all-inclusive resort or a cultural experience in Europe, these vacations are instrumental for family bonding and strengthening. For these reasons and many more, family travel remains a popular trend in the industry. According to Continue

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Why Should I Purchase Travel Insurance?

This a question that many travelers ask themselves. In order to help you make that decision, we’re sharing the top reasons why travel insurance is a must in order to make sure your travel investment is protected. You need to cancel your trip. What if you fall ill before your vacation? Or what if your Continue

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