Hotel Innovations You Need to Know About

Raise your hand if you’ve shared a photo on Facebook, sent an email, rated a restaurant on Yelp, or checked in on Foursquare while on vacation. Chances are you have at least one hand in the air. These platforms have revolutionized the way both satisfied and unsatisfied customers share their experience, and it is more Continue

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6 Signs You Know It’s Time for a Vacation

Is it vacation time yet? America is ranked as the the 5th most workaholic country in the world, where only 57% of us take all our vacation time. Here are 5 more signs it may be time for you to take a vacations: 1. You’re over seeing cold weather on the forecast. 2. You realize Continue

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5 Crazy Travel Tips

We’ve all heard gotten travel advice at one time or another. Someone has probably told you to check your flight status before heading to the airport. You’ve probably been told to get travel insurance, and we think whoever told you that is a smart traveler. If you’re traveling internationally, you might have been told to Continue

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6 Tips to Breeze Through Airport Security

We’ve all been there – stuck in the line at security. While we can’t shrink the lines at the airport, we can give you tips to make the quicker and stress-free. 1. Pack neatly. It is helpful to have your laptop and bag containing 3-ounce liquids in a place that is easy to access as Continue

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9 Reasons Adventure Travel is Good for You

Adventure travel tests your limits and leaves you with amazing memories. It gets your hands dirty, but cleans out your soul. An increased number of travelers are tackling an adventurous vacation by climbing a mountain, caving or even skydiving. Read on to find out why this travel trend is good for you. And don’t forget Continue

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9 Days of Free Travel at U.S. National Parks in 2014

After over-spending this holiday season, what’s better than free admission when you’re traveling? We’re sharing the days that National parks offer free admission, so you and your family can enjoy the great outdoors. These national parks free days include free entrance into the park, free commercial tours and free transportation entrance. January 20: Martin Luther Continue

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Travel Hiccups and Tips: The Funny Friday Edition

Let’s face it, the unexpected part of travel can be frustrating. Flights are sometimes delayed, luggage can get lost and it always seems to happen at the worst times. In addition to protecting yourself and your investment with travel insurance, what can you do to make the situation better? Take a deep breath and try Continue

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3-Ingredient Holiday Recipes for Travelers

‘Tis the season for holiday parties. If you’re traveling for the holidays and are responsible for bringing a dish to your destination, we have the perfect recipes for you. These recipes only require 3 ingredients and can easily be purchased at a local grocery store once you arrive. With little to no baking time, these Continue

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Travel Insurance for a Dream Destination Wedding

You’re planning the destination wedding (or honeymoon) of your dreams. You’ve got the perfect dress and a sunny destination, but do you need travel insurance? We know what you’re thinking – there’s no way I’d ever cancel this trip, so why get travel insurance? However, travel insurance provides protection against more than just canceling your Continue

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6 Best Travel Gifts Under $30

The holidays are right around the corner and that means it’s time to start crossing items off of your holiday shopping list! To give you a head start, we’ve compiled the 6 best holiday gifts for your favorite traveler that won’t break the bank. 1. Give the the traveler on your list a personalized luggage Continue

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