Why Buy Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is designed to cover you, your belongings and the cost of your travel arrangements against a variety of unforeseeable reasons that may affect you or your travel plans.

Emergencies happen when you least expect it. Travel insurance provides coverage for Trip Cancellation or Interruption; Medical Emergencies; Baggage (loss, damage or delay) or Travel Delay and much more. Plus, we offer our exclusive One Call 24-hour Traveler Assistance Service to help you with emergency situations that arise during your trip.

Many travel products are non-refundable, and the best airline and cruise deals usually come with few options if you can't actually take your trip. Last week the airline joyfully booked your flight. This week it declared bankruptcy. Last month you reserved space on a Caribbean cruise. A few weeks later a family member became critically ill.

Baggage/Personal Effects Loss

You've heard it before, leave your valuables at home! But sometimes an expensive camera or formal suit taken on the trip is lost or stolen. Your homeowner's policy may cover only a small portion of the total loss.

Bankruptcy & Default Protection

What if your airline or travel supplier ceases operations? Other airlines or travel suppliers will try to find space for you, but usually at a cost. What happens if they can't meet your needs? We have plans to cover supplier Bankruptcy or Default.

Trip Cancellation or Interruption

Do you want to protect your prepaid trip costs if you must cancel or interrupt your trip? Trip Cancellation and Interruption protects the financial investment you’ve made in your travel arrangements against a variety of unforeseeable reasons, both medical and non-medical, that may affect you or your travel plans.

Medical/Dental Coverage

Does your health or dental insurance cover you away from home? Many plans offer little or no coverage for on-trip medical bills. Our plans cover on-trip medical expenses and also provide coverage for medical transportation costs if you must be medically evacuated for appropriate care.

Terrorist Incidents

Terrorist Incidents that disrupt travel plans are an unfortunate reality. If your trip is affected by an unforeseen Terrorist Incident, we have plans to help minimize the financial loss that you may incur.

Rental Car Damage

Rental car companies may charge high amounts to cover collision or other damage to a rental vehicle. Rental Car Damage Coverage may be purchased to protect you from this damage liability.

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